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Bérica launched to become a global agent for positive social change. We wanted to help promote good work by providing socially-oriented consulting to champions for change, and then use part of the revenue to help activate more good work. Our goal quickly positioned us to be able to offer mission-aligned branding and marketing support to a largely underserved market and enabled us to begin providing modest financial support to additional projects aimed at protecting the well being of women, children and youth. 

Today, we consult for a wide range of clients—from nonprofits, personal brands and small businesses, to foundations, regional events, and national conferences. Though different in size and scope, our clients share one trait:  

they are all making a positive difference in their communities. 

Committed to advancing the space "Where Branding Meets Purpose," we have been able to stay true to our own vision by directing 10% of our revenue to social impact work in the U.S. and Latin America. As the first Latina-owned company to offer inclusive communications and event management services, we are proud and excited about the contributions that we have been able to make locally, regionally and internationally.

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Brand Alignment

To ensure that we maximize our social impact, we work exclusively with brands and organizations that are invested in contributing to social progress, be it through their products, services, or corporate giving.

If you would like to work with us but your brand does not currently have a giving mechanism or impact component, let's talk. Our aim is to support existing social initiatives AND help spark the creation of new ones.


Each year, we invest ten percent of our revenue in projects that help women, children, and youth in vulnerable communities. During our first year in operation, we supported two organizations doing crucial health and youth development work: Comunidad Connect (Nicaragua)  the Children's Impact Network  (Honduras and Colombia). 

Today, we have more than tripled our donations.

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Lastly, through pro bono work, educational workshops, community-focused board participation and our #PromoteGood Series, we help give voice to projects that deserve to be celebrated and endorsed.