Hello, and welcome!

I believe in the power of communications—in its ability to direct, inspire, and move to action. Three years ago, I decided to start a company that would harness this power for good.

Before founding Bérica, I worked in the D.C. nonprofit arena for more

than ten years, managing communications and developing leadership

programs. During this time, my love of branding grew; but my passion

for social justice also intensified. I knew the two were supposed

to come together in my work, but didn't yet know how.

When I moved to Syracuse, my vision for Bérica started to take shape.

This is the city where I made the decision to start a very unique business: 

a branding agency that used both, its influence and its profits to support worthwhile 

causes throughout the world.

Today, Bérica Agency for Purposeful Branding is the first Latina-owned company to offer inclusive communications and event management services. It's also the first of its kind to promote social justice through both, its work and donations. While operating in the space "Where Branding Meets Purpose," we stay true to our vision by directing 10% of our revenue to social impact focused work.  

I am so excited about your interest in working with us. To learn about our current service offerings, click here, or  drop me and my team a line at Connect@BericaAgency.com to schedule a free one-hour phone consultation.


 I hope to hear from you soon!