Set Yourself Up for Financial Success!

As you know, at Bérica Agency we make a strong effort to partner with socially focused enterprises. We do so because we believe that all ventures have the potential to make a profit while also making positive difference in their community. We've recently partnered with Just the Basics (JTB) Financial Literacy, a company devoted to offering top notch financial education education to minority business owners, and got to attend their spring financial retreat last Friday at the Genesee Grande Hotel, to learn more about their work.

Wow! What an event. Besides bringing together some of the city's most active and visible business leaders actively engaging communities of color in Syracuse, the day also offered exceptional workshops of value to its diverse audience. Organized by Me'Shae Brooks-Rolling, owner of JTB, and supported by Eileen Collins, owner of Admin On Call, the event kept the customer in mind from beginning to end, offering the type of detailed attention, care and thoughtfulness that only years of experience in event planning can provide.

The day offered a variety of information-filled sessions: from time management, business organization and relationship building to financing your children's education and and financial planning for retirement--even making wise vehicle purchase decisions--the workshops spoke to the biggest needs of professionals and business owners operating in today's high-pace, high-tech, high-stress world.

We enjoyed the day thoroughly and became even more excited about helping connect more local professionals to this wonderful opportunity so they can change their lives for the better, which we get to do now for the upcoming JTB Mocha Latte Serenity Retreat in June.

If you have never participated in an event like this, where you get to focus on one (and one of the most important, might we add!) goal: getting your finances in tip-top shape, please take some time to do so this summer. Make 2016 the year that you stop stressing about money and start getting excited about your future and your legacy!

To register, or learn more about how to set yourself up for financial success directly from Me'Shae herself, please visit