#ThoughtfulThursday: #PromotingGood & Deeds That Matter

We're starting a campaign to #PromoteGood. For the next three months, on #ThoughtfulThursdays, we'll be highlighting ​inspiring words & #​Good​D​eeds ​from local ​and regional ​entrepreneurs in #CNY.

Today we feature Emad Rahim, Partner of IntelligentHQ.com and Muslamb Stationers.

Dr. Emad Rahim

We asked him: ​How is your company #PromotingGood in the community this year?

"We're offering time and resources to support positive programs and events," he said. "We believe that doing this helps to develop meaningful relationships and sustain a healthy community."

Dr. Rahim as Southwest University keynote at the Empowerment through Academic Excellence event.

Above is a picture of Dr. Rahim delivering a keynote at one of the events he's most proud of participating in this year. He gave the keynote address at the Southwest University Empowerment Through Academic Excellence Conference. We commend him and all other entrepreneurs working to elevate communities!

Are you a socially-focused entrepreneur? Let us know! Email us a photo to share how what you're doing to #PromoteGood at Connect@BericaAgency.com. We look forward to hearing from you!