#ThoughtfulThursday: Youth #PromotingGood

On our second #ThoughtfulThursday of the season, we're excited to feature one of our city's youngest entrepreneurs: Travis Robinson, owner of @TruSoundzEnt and advocate for fellow minority business owners in Syracuse.

Part of what has led to his early success (he launched his company at 25!) is his dedication to honing his craft from a young age. At only 13 years old, he was already learning the ins and outs of graphic design and putting together his portfolio. Today, his production company specializes in graphic branding and provides unique, fresh, and bold collateral solutions to several regional entrepreneurs.

But his drive is not the only thing we love about Travis—we also admire his dedication to using his personal time and online spaces to promote other businesses and support events organized by his peers.

On his personal page, you'll find post after post encouraging you to #SupportBlackBusiness with shoutouts and promos for other entrepreneurs on the rise. "I want everybody to win," he tells us. "I want all of us to get ahead."

He goes on to explain, "I like to invest my time and my talent in helping other businesses to thrive. I've always had a heart for helping; it gives me strength and a sense of meaning to offer my support."

To check out his work and messages of support, or to network with Travis, follow him on Facebook @TruSoundzEnt. With a heart like that, he's definitely worth being promoted, too.

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