#ThoughtfulThursday: Fashioning a New Vision of Success

Today, we bring back #ThoughtfulThursday to continue to explore the different ways that local entrepreneurs are #PromotingGood in the community. We resume with none other than Aronne Funderburg, Owner and Designer of Unico Re clothing.

"Giving back by supporting young people is definitely part of the vision for my business. Children are the future, and they not only need, but DESERVE, guidance," he says.

It's this perspective that's led him to focus his giving-back efforts on the youth.

Aronne is taking active steps to #PromoteGood by speaking at Fowler High School (from which he graduated) and encouraging students to dream bigger and reach higher. "I feel like it's my duty to share my story with them, and to relate to them.

I want them to know that I come from where they come from."

Aronne believes that each of us can make a big impact when we take the time to reach out, even when it's only to one person. "Even if I only touch one life, that one life could end up helping many, many others, " he shares. The Unico Re founder also joins forces with others who share his values, sometimes speaking at Good Life Foundation educational events, or accompanying representatives from the organization on outreach trips at local correctional facilities where youth are currently detained.

For his inspiring efforts to #PromoteGood, we're proud to feature Aronne in today's entry. To learn more about his fashion line and how you can support his community-driven work, check out him out Instagram or take a peek at this article about him in the Syracuse New Times.

Are you a local entrepreneur #PromotingGood? Let us know! Write us to with a few words on how and why at Connect@BericaAgency.com. We'd love to help share the positive impact of your brand and your work!