#ThoughtfulThursday: Marisol Hernandez, a Leading CNY Ladyboss

As I sit here with a heavy heart, listening to some of the most hateful rhetoric being promulgated against my Latino brothers and sisters today, it is such a pleasure to be able to pen today's #PromotingGood entry and dedicate it to Marisol Hernandez, an experienced CNY entrepreneur who has touched the lives of so many people this entire state, including my own. My hope in writing this is that you'll be encouraged to reach out to Marisol as well, so that you can connect with her in business and in person, and get the chance to learn first-hand why it makes me so happy to write these words in praise of her and her work.

Marisol is Co-Owner and Editor in Chief of CNY Latino Newspaper, a regional Spanish-language publication covering local news, culture, and current events. When I posed to her the question that we're asking all the entrepreneurs in this series, "What are you doing to #PromoteGood in the community?" she shared,"[At CNY Latino], We make it a point to showcase the contributions that Latinos are making, both to and on behalf of their communities." She goes on to explain, "We do this in different ways...by sharing their stories in our newspaper, by sponsoring events that promote diversity, and by helping new Hispanic business owners connect to programs and services that will allow their businesses to grow."

But, well aware that it often takes more than information sharing to leave a lasting imprint, she does a little more. "When we meet a fellow Latino or Latina, we make time to get to know them. Whether it's by having a cup of coffee with them, eating lunch together or meeting up with them at the end of a tough day, we feel like we'll make a difference if we can just take the time to make a connection and share what we have learned by running our own business. This is something that we take pride in doing. And as entrepreneurs, it's always gratifying for us to be able to spend time with other successful Latinos," she says with a smile.

And, as I know from our own friendship sparked by her #WISE Latina conference, Marisol's efforts to #PromoteGood don't stop there. "Another way we try to make a difference is by volunteering at, or helping organize, Latino Festivals and events. Wise Latina is one of them." And even with this, her desire to encourage, befriend, and support others leads her to do even more. "It's also about the little things, right? So, as much as we can, we give away tickets to the theatre, to concerts, festivals and fairs. It's a great thing that we can do through the newspaper because we get to promote these events and do something nice for other families and fellow entrepreneurs."

For these efforts and more, we spotlight Marisol as a CNY entrepreneur #PromotingGood. Thank you for all you do, Marisol! And thank you for all you have done for me. You're appreciated more than you know. Please keep up the great work.

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