3  Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brand

The inspiration for today's blog entry comes from sales consultant Beatrice Stonebanks, as quoted in the book "Habit Changers," by M. J. Ryan. Beatrice admonishes, "You Are As You Are Evidenced." In other words, what you exhibit will affect how you are perceived. And, how you are perceived is more important than how you think you are.

So, how can we make sure we're being appropriately interpreted? It doesn't always happen automatically. Most of the time, it requires some effort. Luckily, just a bit intention can go really far. To help, here are three easy ways to strengthen our personal (even organizational) brands.

1) Make it a Habit to Promote

Not yourself, but others! Show some love to your peers working for a similar cause. Supporting other people, businesses, and organizations earns you good will, builds important bonds, and helps you discover and learn new things. It also helps you gain legitimacy as an influencer because it requires you to stay up to date on what's happening in your region. Are you great at finding resources? Do you have a knack for finding helpful info? Don't keep the info to yourself. Sharing is caring, and brands that care fare better.

2) Build Community

One of the privileges granted to all brand creators is a platform that can be used to help strengthen our communities. Take advantage of this to become what I call a "Brand that Builds." Use your power to make a difference, and you'll stand out as being different from the rest. How do you do this? By attending networking and professional events that need your support and sponsoring some of them, by promoting worthy campaigns on social media, or by donating to good causes in your hometown. When Brands endorse good things, they endorse their own brand in the process. Choose to do work that brings people together, creates camaraderie, and adds a little joy.

3) Just, Be Nice

As humans, we tend to remember kind deeds. And, as I'm sure you've heard pointed out before, all of your business partners, investors, sponsors or clients are humans. Being a decent business person who is willing to lend a hand is so important to brand building. Not because your deeds will become favors to be repaid, but because they will allow you to connect to people during a time of need, which will not only leave our world a little better off, but also leave a lasting impression.

During the week ahead, maybe we can all go out of our way a little more than usual. Especially if it will benefit someone who's really in a bind. But only if we can do it with a willing heart. It's never a good idea to try to tackle an inconvenience that will make us resentful. And let's be honest, sometimes that can be the case. Energies are very easily felt. Let's make sure ours is always genuine.

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