#PromotingGood: Fearless Queen of The Salt City

As we begin National Women's History Month, we're excited to resume our #PromotingGood blog series with a feature on an inspiring young female entrepreneur making strides in The Salt City: Tommi Billingsley, Founder and CEO of JustMeTommi, Inc. In launching and operating a female-centered business, as well as in dedicating her time to helping people in need, she has become a leading lady #PromotingGood in our region.

A native of the city's South Side, Tommi feels compelled to be a positive voice for all women in Syracuse. Because of this, every aspect of her business is intended to be an influence for good. She currently operates an enterprise that hosts empowerment events for women, and two fashion lines that nurture and celebrate self-love for both. The first, "FlyGirl," is for girls and young ladies. The second, "Fearless Queen," is for women—the professionals, mothers, and community leaders of the world.

The brand's slogan, "Forever Love Yourself," reflects Tommi's personal mantra of glowing from within to help set the world on fire. As one might imagine, her message has been embraced by a large group of women who share the same mindset, with the signature "Queen Brunches" already attracting a wide array of community advocates, small business owners, teachers, and mothers in Central New York.

This is only the beginning, though. JustMeTommi, Inc. will soon launch similar educational events for young women and expand the offerings in both clothing lines. Next year, the company will expand to offer personal development workshops and one-on-one consulting sessions.

So, how did it all start? Shortly after bringing a new life into the world, Tommi became even more sensitive to the negative messages and images that tend to surround women and girls; and as so many mother-entrepreneurs do, she decided to do something about it. The solution she delivered was a company that would focus on encouraging women to become deeply aware of their feminine beauty while also working to equip them with practical tools to help them emanate fullness of beauty and develop into high-achieving leaders.

When I asked her why it's important for entrepreneurs to #PromoteGood in our community, she answered, "My dad would constantly tell me I was a FlyGirl. He would tell me every day, 'Hold your head high. You're a queen. You're fly.' And it was because of that constant affirmation that I was able to rise above and grow into the woman that I've become today. I realize that not everyone has that positive force in their life, and I can't help but want to step in and fill that void. It's only when we each take responsibility for something and change it for the better that we can make progress for our world. We have to take care of one another."

Indeed, this Fly Girl has transitioned into a Fearless Queen, and her reign is just dawning.

To learn more about Tommi's philosophy or register for one of her events, you can request to join the Fearless Queens Group on Facebook, a forum that she created to share inspirational thoughts, tools and resources, or email us at Connect@BericaAgency.com, so that we can introduce you directly.

All images published with the permission of JustMeTommi, Inc.